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Yahoo is doing very little in behalf of consumers to warn then of being defrauded.

Self appointed "doctors" on the site apparently harass users openly opposing the scammers.

Here at the FTC, we’ve gotten reports that consumers who called these fake customer care numbers were offered “Yahoo customer care services” for a fee.

But the truth is, Yahoo customer support is always free of charge.

I have tried all avenues to reach Yahoo but without success. I contacted was 1-800-349-1641 and now I regret it because they appeared to be scammers.

I have been a Yahoo Store customer for about 14 years. This has to be some kind of scam and I want you to be aware.They make up business names that sound like legitimate company names.You have to double check before you contact someone with information you get online.I hope by sharing this info it helps someone out there God Blesd My husband received emails in his Yahoo mail that if he didn't contact them immediately his account would no longer receive emails.So he called a fellow tech buddy who gave him a Yahoo phone number from the Yahoo website.

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