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The reporter includes perspectives from Viggo, Dennis Hopper, Elijah Wood, and Dominic Monaghan in addition to her own descriptions of and reactions to the work.[Extensive in-depth article on Viggo's film career, his role as Aragorn, the challenge of dealing with new-found fame, creative pursuits, his relationship with Henry, the filming of Hidalgo, and philosophy of life. Excerpt: "Throughout an hour of conversation, these themes are woven into the fabric of every thought: an open mind; humility; doing your best; a constant quest to learn and enrich your life.With his return, he got a chance to play in movies and gain a huge popularity.The dream of his to be an actor since his childhood came to be true.Viggo Mortensen has revealed he is obsessed with death, which is the ‘first thing’ that comes to him when he wakes up.In a very rare interview, the Lord Of The Rings star – who lives in Madrid and still uses a flip phone – said the preoccupation has plagued him throughout his life.["If one day he should abandon the movie business he wouldn't be too upset.Viggo Mortensen tell Ciak how painting, taking photographs or making music are the most stimulating passions in his life." [ at the Track 16 Gallery, 2-Feb-2002.

He comments on the parallels between Tolkien's tales and the current state of Argentina and the world.You'll find several memorable quotes from John Rhys-Davies and other people that Viggo has worked with.Don't miss the photographs by Perou, including the famous cover photo with the blue scarf."I did my best to study and find as much as I could.I read everything I could that was connected to Strider or Aragorn or his environment, to represent that character.

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As his parents divorced, he didn't get much support from his mother.

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