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In 2007, at the age of twelve, she crafted with her younger sister a short story, chronicling the adventures of the princess Lilly and her "lost" little sister, Blossom.

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Let's put it this way – I'm a stranger who has lived in Slovakia for a very long time, and has learned the local language.

I've managed the accent quite well, though I still make grammar mistakes.

"Guess it's hard to believe, but there were times when I felt so alone, because I thought I'm not good enough for anyone, that everything I do is wrong and I'll never accomplish anything.

Maybe it was puberty but between the twelfth and fifteenth year I was a constant gloom-and-doom, and [I] wouldn't know what to do with myself.

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When mum and dad put me in kindergarten, I couldn't speak Slovak at all, it was too hard for me. But eventually, I managed it [...]." thus holding multiple citizenship herself.

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