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If you’re looking for Native American records, this service has records of individuals from the Dawes Roll, an archive from members of the Five Civilized Tribes and other Native American databases.However, there are no obituaries or obituary databases on this site, which could be a major drawback.

is our top pick for genealogy search because it has over 15 billion records, making it one of the largest sites we tested.How We Tested We first compared each ancestry website by searching for family records.We compared the sources each website used to find matches and how many were found.This service has records from over 200 countries that date back to the 1300s.If you’re searching for records for foreign ancestors, this company has transcribed records from many databases and it has one of the best collections of immigration records.

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This site also offers a free trial so you can determine if the service works for your research needs.

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