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Users download Tango from the Apple App Store or Google Android Market.In both cases, the app was up and running in a matter of seconds.On the other hand, making calls on Tango was simple.We simply tapped a contact, and the call was connected in audio-only mode.The Contacts section lists only Tango users that it finds via a search of the phone's contacts upon initial login.

In video mode, the caller's feed takes up the full display.The Invite and Settings areas are nearly identical to the i OS version.The only difference is that there's no on/off option for notifications in the Android app because notifications are a permanent fixture of that OS.There's another difference, too: The Android version of the Tango app contained one bug in the Recent Calls list.The app added completely random contacts to our recent calls list.

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In order to use Tango, we created a new account by entering our device's phone number, our name, and e-mail address.

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