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Today it is the largest farming magazine in the country, with specialized additions produced to meet particular regional needs.

Readers can glean knowledge from scientific articles or just admire the gleam from attractive tractors pictured within. Like many addresses in historic Philadelphia, this structure has been built on the site of a fondly remembered building, in this case the Orange Street Friends' Meeting House.

The periphery of Washington Square consists of 20th-century multi-story apartment buildings, 19th-century townhouses, an Athenaeum with a Victorian bent (another stop along our "virtual" tour), and several businesses, some dating to the 18th century when Washington was President in the then capital city of Philadelphia, and the Square had not yet been named in his honor.

Washington Square was one of Philadelphia's five original squares as laid out in 1682 by William Penn's surveyor, Thomas Holme.

A tree-planting program began the next year and the Square to this day wears the fruit of a city plan in which over 60 varieties of trees were sown.

Though Saunders has long been a leader in the field of medical publishing, perhaps its best-known work may be the landmark Kinsey Report of 1948. The building, a paean to advertising and the Age of Art Deco, was built in 1928 by Ralph Bencker.Walking on the Square 150 years after this beautification project, the historian John Francis Marion observed, "The trees in Washington Square are older, wider-spreading and taller than those in Independence Square, and the square itself has a more open spacious quality." The 6.4-acre Southeast Square was renamed Washington Square in 1825 to honor the great general and first President.Start in the southwest corner and move clockwise...The Farm Journal began ingraining farmers with knowledge in 1827 from a site not far distant from its present locale.The magazine's initial readership consisted of "farmers living within a day's buggy ride" of Philadelphia.

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