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The two girls, who lack culinary skills, decide to share the apartment and expenses with Jack when they learn he is studying to be a gourmet chef.But first they must find a way to overcome objections from their landlords, Stanley and Helen Roper, a romantically dysfunctional couple who lives downstairs and don't allow males and females living together unmarried.Recording date: March 08, 1977 When a puppy is left at the trio's doorstep, Jack wants to claim it; but Janet and Chrissy remind him that Mr. First appearance of Richard Kline as the trio's neighbor and Jack's best friend Larry Dallas.Also, this episode is based on the episode of the same name from Man About The House.For extra peace of mind, we'll give you a 14-day 'cooling off' period on all our appliances.Our mission is to get your appliances direct to you as fast and convenient as possible.

However, Jack does not show up at the appointed time, making Janet and Chrissy angry--leading them to realize that they are actually jealous. Roper, Jack fails in attempts to give the little pooch away. Roper mentions that her husband will forget their approaching 20th wedding anniversary.We cover cooking, laundry, dishwashers, and a complete range of small appliances.Brunette Janet Wood, manager of a flower shop, and Chrissy Snow, a guileless, ditzy blonde secretary, find Jack Tripper asleep in their bathtub full of water the morning after a going-away party for their ex-roommate Eleanor Garvey-Phillips.Recording date: February 28, 1977 While the trio takes a break from weekend chores at the Regal Beagle; Jeff, a large chap, approaches their table to make a rude play for Chrissy.His size intimidates Jack, and the situation becomes more embarrassing for him when the Ropers drop in and Mr.

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