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Starring Britt Robertson as Lux, Shiri Appleby as her birth mother Cate, Kristoffer Polaha as her birth father, and Kerr Smith as Ryan, Cate’s new husband, “Life Unexpected” takes us on a journey of self-discovery and healing.

Like in any family, being a teenager is hard, but for Lux, she has the added complication of teaching her parents how to be parents and learning to be a kid for the first time in her life.

Bug's dad is in prison and he is envious of what Lux has.

Baze becomes a father figure to Bug even though Baze really wants Lux to date Jones and he tries to make that happen as well."Amid her own relationship problems, "it's Ryan [Kerr Smith] who makes Lux see that nothing is more childlike than wanting your parents together if they're not," Tigelaar said.

Tonight I had the opportunity to watch the first three episodes of Life Unexpected, courtesy of the The CW, which sent me an advanced copy.

"There is going to be a Bug-Lux-Jones triangle that starts to brew," she added. Baze likes Jones so much better than Bug, though we also see Baze' relationship with Bug develop.

Joining Kate, Ryan, Baze and Lux are Lux’s returning friends Bug (Rafi Gavron), Tasha (Ksenia Solo) and Jones (Austin Butler) and Baze’s buddies Math (Austin Basis) and Jamie (Reggie Austin).

The new faces this season are Emma (Emma Caulfield) and Trina (Gina Holden).

Less than 20 minutes into the first episode, tears were already welling up in my eyes.

I was moved several times, in fact, but also giggled and chuckled a ton, too.

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"When we get to Episode 7, things really come to a head for Lux and Cate, and Lux chooses Baze at that point as her parent.

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