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Mabel then eats about half of the shelf, or "bleventeen" as she puts it, and begins to hallucinate.She had a psychedelic fantasy of riding on a flying dolphin with two mouths and multiple human fists (two contained within said mouths) capable of shooting rainbows.Though Mabel initially receives the audience's vote in the form of applause, Pacifica intimidates the party-goers to cheer for her by using an ice-cold stare, and bribes Old Man Mc Gucket.Unlike most of the other guests, who go off to Pacifica's after-party, Candy and Grenda stay at the Shack and have a sleepover with their new friend (it was their idea).Soon the store is taken over by ghosts and Ma and Pa possess Mabel to communicate with the teenagers.

On a second attempt to create family bonds, Mabel and Dipper get into Stan's car blindfolded and Stan drives them to the local lake to go fishing with him as a family bonding day.

After having Soos pretend to be Lazy Susan for practice's sake, and Stan spitting on the ground asking if "she" has any money, she decides to try a different approach by "bringing that inner beauty to the outside." However, the final Stan looks worse than the original Stan, and Mabel finally gives up, until Wendy says that Stan is un-fixable, just like the "spinny pie thingy in the diner." Mabel suddenly gets an idea.

She marches Stan down to the diner to see Lazy Susan.

Mabel then defeats the gnomes by using a leaf blower.

Stan allows them to take one thing from the Mystery Shack for free, and Mabel decides on a grappling hook, Though it is not really told when this happened, Mabel and Dipper helped Stan make counterfeit money.

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Back at the Mystery Shack, the Pines talk about their new enemy and mock him, while Gideon plots his revenge.

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