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Angelica Ross talks about creating Trans Tech Social Enterprises, why she didn’t take a salary for the first two years that she was working there, and how her life has changed since becoming a Buddhist.

Angelica also discusses recent acting work on Tr Melissa Febos talks about how the conditions of our childhoods inform our adult relationships, dealing with daddy issues (yay!!! Melissa also discusses the freedom in the lack of societal scripts around queer sex, Ni K Kacy talks about feeling ignored by the fashion industry and why they created their gender equal footwear company.

Amin El Gamal talks about working with so many out gay actors on Prison Break, emailing Aaron Sorkin while working on The Newsroom, and why he doesn’t want to play any more terrorists in TV or film.

He also talks about running a support group for LGBTAsia Kate Dillon talks about the Emmy Award’s message of inclusion towards them as a non-binary actor.

She discusses activism as a way of healing, looking at Donald Trump’s astrology charts, and the toxic mixture that privilege and comfort can create.

Alexandra Billings talks about meeting her wife while in high school, the women who mentored her, and why Larry Kramer asked her not to march in the AIDS marches.

Matt Baume talks about the torture of queer men that’s occurring in Chechnya and what you can do if you feel helpless.

She also talks about what it’s like to be on the road with the punk rock band, Against Me!

(she’s been the lead singer, songwriter, Cheryl Dunye talks about why she’s not interested in being a commercial filmmaker and the enduring legacy of her film, The Watermelon Woman (celebrating its 20th anniversary).

Alexei Romanoff and David Farah talk about the Black Cat protests that happened in 1967 (two years before Stonewall).

Alexei Romanoff helped to organize and lead it, and is the last known person still alive who was there.

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Kristin Russo (author of This is Book for Parents of Gay Kids) talks about Autostraddle’s A-Camp (where she is the co-director), the special importance of sex ed in LGBTQ communities, and social pressures she faced to identify as a lesbian instead of Laith Ashley talks about why transgender men are less visible than transgender women in society, says people police his gender as much now as they did before his transition, and why living openly as a transgender person is a privilege that not everyone.

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