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We feel that being a mature group of people we do not require many rules to govern ourselves, other than the ones listed here.

As long as you respect the nature of our group, being that our purpose is to provide social opportunities, you are free to come out to as many or as few events as you choose with no expectations from this group other than to be yourself and have fun!

Get Text Appeal You’ve got that initial attention, now it’s time for your personality to shine.

Craft a unique, attention grabbing profile that leaves them wanting to know more.

If you need to take a new snap, get hold of a smartphone and follow these tips to ensure you’re looking your best.

We have Christian men, Republican guys, Democrat men, guys with blue eyes, and everything else.

Your Profile Photo This is your chance to be in the spotlight!

Begin by choosing the perfect profile photo to display to other singles.

No matter your age, gender or appearance, it’s never too early to get in touch with someone you find appealing.

Be bold and send that first message or let them know you’re interested with a wink.

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game 1/31 SB JV @ Halftime 1/31 Colchester @ Halftime 1/28 So Burlington @t Halftime 1/24 Colchester @ Halftime 1/20 Colchester @ Halftime 1/16 Essex @ Halftime 1/3 MMU @ Halftime 12/27D1 Champ: Colchester vs CVU 11/2 Playoffs: Hartford at Colchester 10/29 Playoffs: St Johnsbury at CVU 10/29 Playoffs: Essex at Colchester 10/25 Playoffs: Burlington at CVU10/25 Playoffs: Essex at So Burl 10/22 CVU at Colchester 10/8 BFA at So Burlington 10/5 BFA at So Burlington (JV) 10/5 Burlington at Essex 10/4 St Johnsbury at CVU 9/27 Colchester at Essex 9/24 MMU at Essex Boys 9/10 Burlington at Colchester 9/6 Rutland vs CVU 9/5 Rice at Essex 9/5Playoffs: Rutland at CVU 10/26 Playoffs: So Burlington at Rice 10/22 Spaulding at So Burlington 10/18 MMU at Colchester Girls Soccer 10/17 Essex at CVU Girls Soccer 10/15 CVU at Essex 9/17 Middlebury at CVU 9/13 So Burlington at Milton 9/13 Essex at So Burlington 9/6 Rutland at Colchester 9/5 D1 Champ: Essex vs Hartford 11/2 Playoffs: Hartford at So Burl 0/29 Playoffs: So Burlington at CVU 10/25 Burlington at Colchester 10/17 So Burlington at Essex 10/1 Mt Abe at Colchester 10/1 Burlington at CVU 9/27 So Burlington at Colchester 9/17 Essex at CVU 9/13 Colchester at CVU 9/13 Essex at So Burlington 9/11 CVU at Colchester 9/5 D2 Final Rice vs Lyndon 11/9 Essex vs Milton Powderpuff Colchester Powder Puff 11/5 NVYFL Champ Burl vs Colchester Playoffs: CVU at SBHS Semifinal 11/1 Playoffs: Rutland at CVU 10/26 Playoffs: Otter Valley at Mt Abe 10/26 Playoffs: BFA at So Burlington 10/25Brattleboro at Colchester 10/11 CVU at So Burlington 10/5 MMU at Essex 10/4 So Burlington at MMU 9/28 Mt Anthony At Colchester 9/27 Colchester at Essex 9/21 BFA at So Burlington 9/20 BHS at CVU 9/14 Middlebury at Colchester 9/13 Mt Anthony at MMU 9/7 Colchester at So Burlington 9/6 CVU at Essex 9/6 CVU at Colchester 8/30 Burlington at South Burlington 8/30Babe Ruth-Shelburne at MMU (free download) D1 State Championship 6/18 D2 Championship 6/18 Colchester at Essex 6/11 St Johnsbury at CVU 6/11 BFA at CVU 6/9/13 St Johnsbury at So Burlington 6/9 MVU at Colchester 6/1 Milton at CVU 5/31 So Burlington at Colchester 5/29 Burlington at Colchester 5/11 CVU at Essex 5/7 North Country at So Burlington 5/2 St Johnsbury at Colchester 5/2 MMU at So Burlington 4/24 Rice at Essex 4/20 Mt Abe at CVU 4/18 Harwood at Colchester 4/15 Brattleboro at Colchester 6/12 MVU at Colchester 6/1 So Burlington at Colchester 5/29 Essex at Colchester 5/9 CVU at Essex 5/7 North Country at So Burlington 5/2 St Johnsbury at Colchester 5/2 Harwood at Colchester 4/15 Mt Abe at CVU 4/18 Rice at Essex 4/20STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS 6/1 CVU, Colchester at So Burlington 5/22 St Johnsbury/Randolph at CVU 5/15 BURLINGTON INVITATIONAL 5/4 Track & Field at Essex 4/11 Track & Field at Colchester 4/10 U-32 at So Burlington 4/15 Burlington, Randolph, Enosburg at Essex 5/1BFA at Essex 3/6 Rutland at CVU 3/5 Stowe at Colchester 3/4 BFA at Colchester 2/27 So Burlington at CVU 2/22 Essex at Colchester 2/13 Colchester at CVU 2/6 North Country at So Burlington 2/6 Rutland at Colchester 2/2 Spaulding at So Burlington 2/1 Stowe at Colchester 1/30 Rice at So Burlington 1/30 Essex at CVU 1/30 So Burlington at Essex 1/26 So Burlington at Colchester 1/12 Stowe at So Burlington 1/7 CVU at Essex 1/5 North Country at Colchester 1/2 Rice at Essex 1/2 Burlington at MMU 1/2 MVU at Colchester 12/23 Brattleboro at MMU 12/23 Rice vs Colchester 12/14 CVU vs So Burlington12/14D1 Final St Jay vs Rice 3/7 D1 Semis St Jay vs Burlington 3/5 D1 Semis Rice vs Rutland 3/5 Mount Anthony at Burlington 3/2 CVU at Essex 2/18 CVU at Essex JV 2/18 North Country at Essex 2/11 So Burlington at Colchester 2/4 Dance/Cheer photos will be mixed in with the game photos.