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She starts talking about the set, production issues, and how worried she is that she has put in six weeks of preproduction even though she’s not being paid yet.

Finally, Phaedra runs through a roster of the type of butts she wants to see in the video, including “slut heinies, tootie booties, and juicy booties.” What she doesn’t want to see is Kenya getting paid.

Kandi's daughter Riley refused to contact her father Block.'Riley's never celebrated Father's Day with her dad, that's pretty sad,' said Kandi.

Shereé's ex husband Bob finally did his duty and helped their son Kairo move into his college dorm.'I think it finally hit home with him…better late than never,' said Shereé, 47.

'When I'm on the New York Times Bestseller List that will be the best read of all time,' she boasted.Single mom Phaedra visited the dentist with her kids.Cynthia's daughter Noelle Robinson said she was 'blindsided' by the divorce and was angry that she had to find out from 'the blogs' and her friends.'That makes me look stupid,' she said.'I should have just told you,' agreed Cynthia.I haaaaate it when people use homosexuality as an insult, so Che is officially dead to me.The real standout of this scene is the golden jump rope Aunt Lori used as a necklace.

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