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"By leveraging the efficiencies of today's Internet technologies, we can offer our MSDSadvantage service at an affordable price.

Now any healthcare-related company, regardless of its size or technological capabilities, can have an easy and efficient MSDS compliance system at its fingertips," said Buchholz.

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Making MSDSs Readily Accessible Binder View is an easy-to-use Internet/Intranet search page that delivers view-only access to a member's electronic library of MSDSs.

Binder View bolts on seamlessly to the MSDSadvantage software, enabling an administrator to build an electronic library of MSDSs and then provide immediate, facility-wide access to that library via the Internet or facility Intranet.

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Through the browser-based MSDSadvantage software, members can search the MSDSonline database, save documents online in their password-protected e Binder, and the download the MSDSs to their Desktop/PC.An assault with a dangerous weapon is a charge where the Commonwealth can seek an indictment, moving the case to superior court and raising the maximum penalty to ten years in the State prison.A domestic assault and battery charge in Massachusetts carries with it a maximum potential penalty of 2.5 years in the house of correction.Health risks of obesity The show's producers point out that contestants are under medical supervision and say the extreme nature of the competition is inspirational for viewers.And of course, there are serious health risks to being as obese as the "Biggest Loser" contestants."It's very difficult to sustain." While researchers aren't sure if repeated cycles of weight lost and weight gained are more dangerous than staying overweight or obese, the psychological toll of failing to keep weight off can be grim, said Kushner.

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