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I also have open heart and want to give it to a good person, who will love and respect me.

I should also say to you that I don't know English, that's why I use a very good translating agency.

Not even funnier than some of those really bad SNL sketches that don't seem to go anywhere.

They don't have the instinct to work as an ensemble the way comic actors do. Willis, Liana Mendoza, and Sula Symonds, as well as Jessica Meza.

Lonely and looking for some action, Mikey (Williams) creates an internet dating profile, describing himself as a 7 foot tall Lakers player.

The ladies love him online, but they get a rude awakening when a 5 foot tall, broke, burger flipping, bicycle riding Mikey shows up at their front doors.

Maybe the cast and crew did not watch the movie before they released it.

A serious health scare ignites John Thomas, an insurance salesman in his 50s, to take a closer look at his life.

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I am glad, that today I have received news from you, thanks you that have written to me.

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