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children as well as for adults who are young at heart.Since the puzzle can be solved in an hour or less, it is useful to school teachers.I have been told that solving the Long Puzzle is a huge treat. This is a great picture, but it represents no appropriate "Carol Title".For example, I could be wrong, but these emails suggest that some people enjoy taking their sweet time.1. In other words, there are 171 titles that are placed in the Clue List for the specific reason to fool the Puzzle solver. In order to add the picture, I had to add So let explain a bit further: In order to expand the SSQQ Christmas Puzzle (Long Version), I need both a new title and a good picture which turn out to be an excellent match. The next time I decided to expand the puzzle, I might just use that title.We’ve watched many of our fellow media sites fall by the way side in recent years, but we’re determined to stick around.

I only ask that in the Christmas spirit you credit me and my website if you chose to reproduce my work. Email: [email protected] origin of the Christmas Puzzle dates back at least to the Seventies.

This devious trick prevents someone from simply whittling down the list of clues till nothing is left. Yes, I freely admit I made up about a half dozen clue titles. Sometimes I have a good title, but no good picture. I didn't use this picture in the puzzle because I couldn't think of a good title for it using our Christmas theme. How about "A Shiny Horse on a Snowy Night" as a good made-up title? t was either create a few new titles or stop expanding the puzzle... Once you see how great the pictures are for the half dozen or so made-up titles, I doubt the reader will mind.

Sometimes I have a good picture, but no good title. One Suggestion: To save time, I highly recommend using the "Find" function.

Child star: Karolyn Grimes, now 71, starred as six-year-old Zuzu in It's a Wonderful Life.

She holds a bell in reference to one of the film's most well-known lines: 'Every time a bell rings, an angel gets his wings' Hard life: A young Grimes, pictured with Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed, suffered many tragedies after the film.

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