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I only ended up meeting with one person before giving up on Tinder, and I must admit, it was a pretty great date.

We went for high quality ice cream, which to me, is much better than drinks or coffee for the first meeting (simply because it’s more delicious).

If your INFP seems so quiet they verge on being mute, is typically found alone while lost in their own world reading a book or listening to music, and refuses to indulge you in prolonged conversation, you may have found a love-shy INFP.

Are you confused by their contradictory behavior towards you? These are INFPs that have grown out of love-shyness and are proactively hunting for a mate.

With our cones and sticky fingers, we walked around, had a nice chat about our backgrounds, and a satisfactory amount of unexpected topics came up too (like favorite stand-up comedians and making art with math). While there was a semblance of connection, it wasn’t the connection, the sort of connection that drives you mad because you’re just so curious about them.

I think this is why people that are more idealistic will struggle with online dating if you are looking for a serious relationship.

That opened the doors to so much information on what he could be like, along with a number of Google searches equivalent to “Can Aries woman be compatible with Cancer man? Nothing ever happened with the ISTJ, as he was handsome, well-dressed, and smart — thus terrifyingly intimidating.

Neither happened, but I did learn a lot about my preferences, my fears, the dating game, and why I will likely only return to online dating when I am ancient and desperately lonely.Then you or the other person would just stop replying if you lost interest, which isn’t that bad since you are strangers anyway, but it’s such an immature way of communicating that you lost interest.This tendency is one of the many ways in which general online communication methods can hurt IRL relationships.The other con I realized early on was that your success is highly reliant on your area, as it goes with dating in general.I downloaded the app when I still lived in LA, and there were a ton of really unique men just within a two mile radius of me.

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