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A full address may consist of multiple address components. Geocoder Address Component object specification Inheritance TObject -Returns the area of a closed path.

The computed area uses the same units as the Radius.

Converts to string the set of items in the collection.

The elements are separated by semicolon (;) and the coordinates (lat/lng) by a pipe (|). Instead, use the Points To Str class method from TGMGen Func class from GMFunctions unit.

More information at Directions Leg object specification.

Inheritance TObject -TVehicle Type = (vt RAIL, vt METRO_RAIL, vt SUBWAY, vt TRAM, vt MONORAIL, vt HEAVY_RAIL, vt COMMUTER_TRAIN, vt HIGH_SPEED_TRAIN, vt BUS, vt INTERCITY_BUS, vt TROLLEYBUS, vt SHARE_TAXI, vt FERRY, vt CABLE_CAR, vt GONDOLA_LIFT, vt FUNICULAR, vt OTHER); The number of equidistant points along the given path for which to retrieve elevation data, including the endpoints.

The Info Window will be sized according to the content.

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The Info Window will be sized according to the content.

If set to true, the Direction Service will attempt to re-order the supplied intermediate waypoints to minimize overall cost of the route.

If waypoints are optimized, inspect Directions Route.waypoint_order in the response to determine the new ordering.

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Number to define how much points there will be in a curved line.

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