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Although she's somewhat lazy, Alex is smart, loyal, and caring.

She goes through a long term relationship with Mason Greyback, a purebred werewolf.

He revealed to Alex that he is jealous of her because he felt she is blessed with magic skills that he can't live up to, and it's reinforced when he refers to Alex as "daddy's little princess" (a unique, and often favoring, bond between a father and daughter). Alex consoles him by stating that he is her rock and foundation, and that she is actually jealous of his academic achievements, even though she openly admits to not caring about school.

He has a long-term relationship with Juliet Van Heusen, a teenage vampire whose family runs the "Late Night Bite" (local competition for the Waverly Sub Station), which prompted a feud between the Russos and the Van Heusens.

He continues his wizard studies in a Monster Hunting course.

Later in the series he reconciles with Juliet after she regains her youthful appearance.

Theresa Russo (mother) Jerry Russo (father) Alex Russo (sister) Justin Russo (brother) Kelbo Russo (paternal-uncle) Ernesto Larkin (maternal-uncle) Megan Russo (paternal-aunt) Frank Russo (paternal-grandfather) Carmela Russo (distant paternal-aunt) Francesca Russo (distant cousin) Maximilian Alonzo Ernesto "Max" Russo (Jake T.

Justin gets heartbroken again when Juliet was forced to break up with him due to her getting scratched by Mason the werewolf, as she stated that when that happens a vampire's appearance will revert to their true age.

Later in the series, Alex tells the world that they are wizards and her and Justin's levels move down, so he makes a class with students who got kicked out of Wiz Tech and later falls in love with an angel named Rosie.

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