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This is an enormous game that crawls along at a snail's pace.

The rate at which features are introduced appears at first to be ridiculously slow -- until you realize you're only one fifth of your way through the game and you have several more chapters in which to practice capturing monsters or forging weapons.

Your offspring will go on to star in the next chapter (or generation) of the game, which is a pretty interesting storytelling trick.

But the mating ritual is merely implied, so don't go into it expecting a peep show.

Battles play out on very traditional grid-based maps with each character patiently waiting for their turn to act.

If you've played similar games like Final Fantasy Tactics, Disgaea, or Advance Wars, Agarest War will feel very familiar to you.

I like the Ability Point system because it carries over to your next turn.

You begin playing as a soldier named Leonheart, and every hero you control thereafter is one of his descendents.

There is also a Break Attack system that unlocks unique, powerful abilities for each of your characters after enough time has passed in a battle.

This keeps fights from dragging on too long, because many of your Break Attacks can decimate an enemy in one hit.

But there are a few strange design choices that keep Agarest War from sitting right beside its excellent peers I mentioned before.

All of the maps are completely flat, so there aren't any terrain benefits or tactical advantages.

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