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URL: and maintained by the IRHT, the BVMM is the repository for all the digital reproductions of the medieval manuscripts that are currently held in municipal and university libraries in France.

URL: index of catalogues, inventories and various lists of medieval manuscripts (8th-18th centuries) will be enriched with data gathered from archival collections: notarial acts pertaining to books and libraries from cities in Southwestern France (before 1500), and libraries of the Loire Valley castles and of those who visited and lived in them throughout the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.

According to historians, Lucretia was raped by Tarquinius Sextus, son of the Etruscan King of Rome.

Her consequent suicide spurred the revolution which toppled the monarchy and brought about the Roman Republic.

BUDE aims to build a vast corpus of Renaissance-era handwriting and will evolve to allow the automated comparison of different hands.

Collatinus Web is developed by Yves Ouvrard and Philippe Verkerk, with contributions from the Biblissima team.The corpus will be expanded through the study of the most important collections of correspondence, starting with Pellicier, Peiresc, Pierre Daniel, Les Chifflet, Jacques Auguste de Thou, Charles de l’Écluse, Jacques Dalechamps, Pinelli.This digital edition will be based on the handwritten notes that were compiled for the collected inventories of manuscript libraries published in 1739.The Equipe d' Accueil 4116-SAPRAT (EPHE) is looking to recruit a research assistant for a 12-month contract (renewable for an additional 6 months), within the scope of the Biblissima project, to update and populate Manuscripta medica (Manmed), an online database of Latin medical manuscripts currently held in France.This page lists all the resources developed and maintained by Biblissima's founding partners: digital libraries of manuscripts and early printed books, various types of catalogues and scientific databases, specialised corpora and textual editions, as well as resources that can be found in the Biblissima toolkit.

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