Choco blanka and momochi dating sites

Instead of uploading photos to an online gallery, I prefer posting them directly into my blog because I don’t like clicking thumbnails to see photos one by one.

This is standard courtesy and goes without saying, but unfortunately is not common practice. Read the rest of this entry » This weekend, the eyes of the fighting game community were on Season’s Beatings V: Redemption.#1 is still my favorite design as that shows more aesthetic sense, whereas #2 is just two people plastered on either side of the controller.I contemplated #2 for awhile because I was not satisfied with the design.This past weekend was EVO 2010, the world’s largest fighting game championship, held annually in Las Vegas.The event has progressively become bigger every year, thanks to the breakout success of Street Fighter 4 that has re-energized the community as well as attracted legions of new fans.

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