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Here are the 5 (or most dangerous) things to look for in your dietary supplements. Maybe it’s all the junk in vitamins and minerals that leads to the studies questioning whether they actually help us.B vitamins with a side of Red #40 probably aren’t going to lead to an optimal health outcome.

Red #40 has been linked to hyperactivity and the Center for Science in the Public Interest, among others, wants the FDA to ban artificial food colors.The label must state: “May have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children.” Here you thought you were avoiding hydrogenated fats by passing on the margarine.Did you know that your dietary supplement may also have these little toxic nasties?Since fish high on the food chain can accumulate mercury, lead, and other contaminants, those metals can make their way into your fish oil supplements. Maybe these contaminants are the reason some research showed that fish oil supplements increased prostate cancer risk?The high levels of PCBs in fish oils led to a lawsuit in California in 2010 claiming that supplement manufacturers should have placed warning labels stating the cancer risk on their fish oil supplements. You don’t want a toxic heavy metal or some PCBs with your EFAs today?

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