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The -space on , and in most other cases, is the completion of the continuous functions with compact support using the norm.

The Euclidean norm from above falls into this class and is the 2-norm, and the 1-norm is the norm that corresponds to the rectilinear distance. The grid distance or rectilinear distance (sometimes called the "Manhattan distance") between two points is never shorter than the length of the line segment between them (the Euclidean or "as the crow flies" distance).spaces are function spaces defined using a natural generalization of the p-norm for finite-dimensional vector spaces.They are sometimes called Lebesgue spaces, named after Henri Lebesgue (Dunford & Schwartz 1958, III.3), although according to the Bourbaki group (Bourbaki 1987) they were first introduced by Frigyes Riesz (Riesz 1910).You can report specific infidelity or simply have a general discussion using our brand new forums.Sometimes dating and meeting people can become a difficult experience.

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